AEW star reportedly injured during the 2023 WrestleDream PPV event

As seen during the 2023 AEW WrestleDream PPV event, FTR retained their tag team titles against Aussie Open. While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez of said the following regarding Mark Davis of Aussie Open possibly suffering a broken wrist…

“Mark Davis, I think, may have broken his wrist. Tony did not answer a question about any other injuries, but I did have someone else say that they thought that he had broken his wrist, but that’s not 100% confirmed. But when I when I brought it up, they were like, Yeah, I think that’s what happened.” (quote courtesy of

Davis wrote “sometimes you win em, sometimes you snap your wrist” on Twitter/X after the match. Davis’ partner Kyle Fletcher also wrote “genuinely have no idea what happens next but thank you, i’m sorry, I love you all.”