How people within WWE reportedly reacted to Adam Copeland (Edge) leaving the company for AEW

As seen during the 2023 AEW WrestleDream PPV event, Adam Copeland (Edge) made his debut with the company. In regards to WWE’s reaction to Copeland leaving the company for AEW, Fightful Select noted the following…

“Some within WWE said that it became obvious to them at the start of the summer that Edge wasn’t returning. WWE sources we spoke to claim that Adam Copeland left on good terms, and would be welcomed back into the company if he ever returned. The overwhelming consensus was a positive within AEW and a ‘happy for him’ within WWE.”

It was also said that people in both WWE and AEW were surprised about WWE allowing the “Rated R Superstar” trademark to lapse and not renewing it when Copeland was seemingly heading to AEW.