What is being said about Drew McIntyre’s contractual status with WWE since heel turn

As previously noted, Drew McIntyre’s WWE contract is reportedly set to expire around Wrestlemania 40. According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, not much has changed with McIntyre’s contractual status since his heel turn. It’s being said that the two sides haven’t gotten into “deep discussions” yet about a renewal and Johnson noted the following…

“We have heard of late that McIntyre has told those close to him that he is more than willing to let his current deal lapse if necessary and take a break for his family as they recently suffered the loss of his wife’s sister. We are also told that McIntyre has long stated to those he’s friends with that he’d like the chance to spend some extended time back in Scotland, as it’s been many years since he’s had the chance to have more than a quick visit with his family there as he lives full-time in the United States.”

Johnson added that while McIntyre is seemingly willing to let family come first over a new contract, there doesn’t appear to be any negative issues between him and WWE management.