Update on when Drew McIntyre’s WWE contract is reportedly set to expire

Drew McIntyre was reportedly out of action in WWE earlier in 2023 due to a “health issue” and there have been rumors of McIntyre possibly leaving the company when his contract expires.

According to PWInsider.com, WWE was said to have added additional time to McIntyre’s contract due to his hiatus. It’s now believed that McIntyre’s contract expires around Wrestlemania 40 which gives both parties around seven months to come to terms on a new deal. PWInsider explained why there isn’t a rush to re-sign McIntyre…

“In asking WWE sources this week whether there had been any movement on signing McIntyre to a new deal, we were told that the company had been mostly focused on finalizing the Endeavor WWE acquisition, so there hadn’t been much, if any movement.”

McIntyre recently addressed internet rumors about his WWE future and said “I don’t plan to be anywhere else.”