Matt Hardy talks about the funeral of Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt

During his podcast, AEW star Matt Hardy talked about the funeral of Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt that took place on Wednesday…

“We (Matt and Rebecca) got up and we ended up going to the service. I’m so happy we’re able to make it. It was postponed because of the hurricane stuff a little later, but I was really, really happy we got to make it, and man, it was tough.”

“It was sad. It was strange. It was weird. My heart is shattered for his family. Some of them spoke and I can’t imagine the grief that they’re going through. It’s just so hard to understand how someone 36 years old dies, you know, someone that you know and who you assumed was very, very healthy. It’s just hard to understand. I feel like it would be easier if it was more understandable in some ways. He leaves behind four kids, two very, very young, which is just heartbreaking as well, especially having four kids myself, I just can’t even imagine because the younger ones, I’m sure they don’t comprehend it and how they’re going to be affected by it as they get older. All that is just so heartbreaking.”

“One of the weirdest things is that there were several AEW guys that attended the service, but just like almost the whole WWE was there and it was so crazy to see everybody, like, this gathering and to get everybody in one room and to like, exchange pleasantries with everybody. It’s just so sad that we were like, reunited, everybody in those circumstances. It was very, very weird. But it was an important moment to let him know, as not only my friend, but someone I worked with, and my tag team partner, someone I really, really liked a lot, someone I had lots and lots of love for to be there and let him know I was there for his ceremony, that when he passed away and just to honor him and celebrate his life. That’s what it was all about today. There was a massive turnout for this which really speaks volumes about Windham’s character and how much he was loved. So yeah, it was nice. It’s just unfortunate that it was those circumstances.”

“Also a big shout out to Tony (Khan). He took care of everybody really good. He sent a jet down there and carried all the AEW talents up to TV in Indianapolis, and I was very grateful for that and definitely appreciated him. Once again, just showing how good hearted of a human being he is. He really made it work out so that everyone that wanted to attend could attend.” (quotes courtesy of