Results of at the women’s War Games match at WWE Survivor Series 2023 PLE

Women’s War Games Match: Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, Shotzi, and Becky Lynch vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley, Kairi Sane, Asuka, and WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky) took place at the WWE Survivor Series 2023 PLE. Here are the highlights…

* Bianca’s team was voted to have the match advantage.

* All members of Damage CTRL were wearing Asuka masks. Becky and Bayley started the match. WWE had a camera attached to the top of the cage to capture the action.

* Bayley was able to gain control with a superplex on the steel plate between the two rings. Becky recovered and applied the Dis-arm-her but Dakota Kai interfered from outside the cage with a kendo stick. Bayley got the kendo stick and used it on Becky.

* Shotzi was the next entrant and brought numerous weapons into the ring including chairs and a trash can. Becky and Shotzi both went after Bayley and she attempted to escape the cage.

* Iyo Sky entered next and brought a steel chain into the ring. Bayley and Iyo gave Becky a double suplex.

* Bianca Belair came to the ring next and used her hair as a weapon.

* While Kairi entered, she grabbed a trash can lid from under the ring. Iyo lifted up Kairi for a elbow drop onto Shotzi. Bianca then picked Kairi from one ring and tossed her onto Bayley and Iyo.

* Charlotte Flair entered last for her team. Charlotte powerbombed Iyo into the cage and came off the top rope with a blockbuster onto Bayley and Kairi. Charlotte and Becky then had a tense moment that allowed Damage CTRL to take advantage of and regain the upper hand.

* Dakota helped Iyo use a chain to raise a trash can onto the top of the cage. Iyo put the can over her head and jumped off onto everyone below. The crowd started a “holy shit” chant.

* Asuka was the final match entrant and brought a table into the ring along with more kendo sticks. Damage CTrl used the kendo sticks and the crowd started a “this is awesome” chant. Asuka spit mist into Shotzi’s eye and then delivered a missile dropkick into the trash can that was over Becky’s head.

* Charlotte managed to hit a moonsault from the top of a cage onto Damage CTRL but could not get the pin on Bayley. Charlotte and Becky buried the hatchet and hugged.

* The match continued to go back and forth. Bayley took a bullet for her team when she shoved Kairi out of the way and was hit with a spear by Charlotte. Bianca hit Bayley with a KOD and Bayley was placed on a table. Becky then put Bayley through the table with a manhandle slam off the second rope and scored the victory.