Results of Gunther vs. The Miz at WWE Survivor Series 2023 PLE

Gunther (c) vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental title took place at the WWE Survivor Series 2023 PLE. Here are the highlights…

* Before the match, there was a backstage segment with several WWE stars to promote Ruffles potato chips. R-Truth made his return to television during the segment.

* There was another backstage segment where Sami Zayn told Jey Uso that Randy Orton hadn’t shown up yet. The crowd started chanting CM Punk in the background.

* On commentary, Corey Graves brought up how Gunther was a -5000 betting odds favorite against Miz.

* Miz avoided a chop from Gunther and delivered a chop of his own that just made Gunther angry. Miz slapped Gunther and then rolled to the outside of the ring. Miz targeted Gunther’s leg and applied a figure four leglock around the ring post.

* Back in the ring, Miz came off the top but was caught by Gunther. Gunther took firm control of the match but Miz kept trying to fight back. Miz was able to make a comeback by going after Gunther’s leg.

* Gunther regained control and hit a powerbomb but Miz kicked out.

* Miz hit a low blow while the referee was trying to get rid of the turnbuckle padding that was pulled off. Miz then hit the skull crushing finale but Gunther kicked out. There was another nearfall when Gunther got sent into the exposed turnbuckle.

* Gunther recovered and hit a top rope splash to Miz followed by a Boston crab submission for the victory.