What is being rumored for Gunther’s match at WWE Wrestlemania 39

As previously noted, Sheamus teased a potential match against Intercontinental Champion Gunther at Wrestlemania 39. However, Sheamus’ tag team partner Drew McIntyre also teased going after Gunther during the “Best of 2022” edition of WWE RAW.

The belief is that Gunther will not be facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 39 which opens the door for Gunther to have a match with either Sheamus or McIntyre. As it turns out, both could end up facing Gunther at Wrestlemania 39 with Twitter account @WrestleVotes noting the following…

“I’m told while not decided 100%, there are plans to feature an Intercontinental Championship 3 way match at WrestleMania: Gunther v Sheamus v Drew McIntyre. There are a number of supporters within creative that not only want the match, but they want it towards the top. TBD.”