WWE Hall of Famer pitches idea for The Rock at Wrestlemania 39

Even though The Rock is seemingly not having a match at WWE Wrestlemania 39, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff has pitched an idea for The Rock to be used in a non-wrestling role at the event. Bischoff said the following during his Strictly Business podcast…

“He’s a big time movie star — highest paid actor on the planet. It’s not like he can just drop whatever he’s doing in the middle of a movie. All of the other complications, including insurance, that comes along with something like that, but let’s just say — now, I’m fantasy booking here, but let’s just say Rock can’t participate and it’s Cody and it’s Roman.”

“Just the fact that Rock would show up and sit at ringside and stare a hole through Roman Reigns. [He] never has to lift a finger, never has to get out of his chair, and now we’re reversing one of Roman’s greatest attributes: his ability to get inside your head. All it will take is a look from Rock and a wink to Cody and a smile on Cody’s face — at that point, 50% of Roman’s power has been decimated by the mere presence of The Rock.” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingInc.com)