What Darby Allin said to fans after the 1/4/23 AEW Dynamite went off the air

As seen during the main event of AEW Dynamite on January 4th 2023, Darby Allin defeated Samoa Joe to capture the TNT Title. After the show ended, Darby cut a promo for the live fans in Seattle and said the following…

“Seattle. Does this microphone work? Beautiful. I’m not going to be out here long but there’s some things I want to say. I remember coming to this arena back when the Sonics played. I used to catch the 150 Metro from Kent Station down here. Had a lot of fun times on that Metro bus. Almost went to jail a few times, too. But it’s crazy, because I never thought I’d be here because when I told people I graduated high school at 115 pounds well, shit, I’m 120 now.

It’s crazy, because I really never believed in myself. And I’m telling everyone here whether you have kids or it’s yourself if someone has a fucking dream, you live it. Don’t listen to anybody. Nobody. You listen to yourself and it’ll get you further than you’ve ever known.

But I’d like to introduce some people real quick. Hey, Nick. Jump the guardrail. I don’t know if you guys know Nick Wayne nut he’s 17 years old and earlier this year I gave him a contract at Defy Wrestling. I’ve known this kid since I was nine years old. His father trained me. And you know, Buddy Wayne is not here no more. But Nick fucking goddamn it, I know he’d be proud. So thank you for everything. And maybe one day, my friend, it’ll be you and me for this but until then, you got to graduate high school.

Thank you, Seattle. We got a whole shit lot of wrestling to come. Let’s show the AEW locker room what Seattle is all about.”