Vince McMahon’s new WWE contract contains Code of Conduct and Non-Harassment Policy

Despite “retiring” in 2022 amidst allegations made against him, Vince McMahon officially became a WWE employee again March 29th 2023 which was just days before the announcement that Endeavor was acquiring WWE. noted the following regarding McMahon’s new contract…

“According to a copy viewed by THR, ‘McMahon’s continued employment shall be conditioned on’ compliance with the company’s ‘Conflict of Interest and Code of Conduct,’ as well as its ‘Equal Opportunity and Non-Harassment Policy,” among other terms.”

In other McMahon news, noted that his “28.75 million WWE shares were worth $2.38 billion at the post-announcement low.” With WWE stock closing at $102.81 a share on Monday, McMahon is said to be “$600 million richer since his stake is now worth $2.96 billion.”