Vince McMahon is officially a WWE employee again heading into Wrestlemania 39

As previously noted, there has been belief that Vince McMahon was once again involved with WWE creative but people within the company have reportedly denied it.

According to a SEC filing from March 29th 2023, Vince McMahon is officially a WWE employee again. The filing includes McMahon new employment agreement and an amendment to WWE President Nick Khan’s employment agreement. McMahon’s employment retroactively started on January 9th.

McMahon’s employment agreement is a two-year deal but will be automatically extended one year every year unless he or WWE give 180 days notice. Brandon Thurston of noted that McMahon “could still likely be removed if WWE came under control of new owners.”

McMahon is expected to be in attendance for WWE Wrestlemania 39 which could be his last Wrestlemania as majority owner and executive chairman of the company if a sale goes through. At this time, it’s unclear if McMahon will actually appear on camera during the event.

McMahon’s name was in an advertisement for Wrestlemania. The phrase “DIRECTED BY VINCE MCMAHON” was displayed at the bottom of a match graphic but was later removed after it gained attention on social media.