Update regarding why Rey and Dominik Mysterio haven’t been on WWE television

Rey and Dominik Mysterio have not appeared on WWE television since early April when they were attacked by Veer Mahaan. Dominik lost a match to Mahaan and was taken out of the arena on a stretcher.

In regards to them being absent, Rey recently wrote on Instagram that him and Dominik have been getting stem cell treatments. Rey shared photos and one of them had message that read as follows…

“God bless these stem cells so they can do work & repair my body so I can live pain free and perform like I was 25 again.”

During an interview with Complex.com from March, Rey talked about how the treatments have extended his career…

“I started this treatment, which I’ve been doing since roughly around 2012, with stem cells. I did a very large treatment on my full body in 2019 in Colombia. And that has been my fountain of youth. It’s been helping me tremendously.”

In regards to Dominik’s WWE future, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com wrote that “there is at least talk of them not being put together going forward, although without the connection to Rey, there’s really not much they can do with Dominik on the main roster.” WWE recently teased the idea that Dominik would go off on his own but the company didn’t follow through with the storyline.