Update on WWE possibly making a deal with Warner Brothers Discovery amidst Paramount merger reports

As previously noted, CM Punk reportedly helped renew talks between WWE and Warner Brothers Discovery for a potential media rights deal with RAW. Paul Levesque aka Triple H, Nick Khan and TKO’s Marc Shapiro were said to have met with WBD last week.

News came out this week that WBD and Paramount executives have met to discuss a potential merger. During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com commented on if a potential deal between WWE and WBD was “still in play” despite the merger talks…

“It’s majorly in play. Absolutely in play, yes. Look, you know that in the TV world, having number one has its value over having number two. (In terms of) cost per viewer, RAW is so much more expensive than AEW, even if AEW had a big raise, it’d still be cheaper per viewer. Also the AEW viewer is a 13% higher money earner than a WWE viewer. There’s that value too which is rarely talked about. But in the end WWE is still number one and WWE also has the ability, whether on TNT or TBS, to raise the station average (ratings).

With AEW, it’s a very successful show on Wednesday, it raises the TBS weekly average a little bit, but very little, where RAW would make a much bigger difference as far as raising the average and making the station look better in the rankings of the stations.” (quote courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)