Tony Khan’s response to Jim Cornette’s criticism of the AEW product

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, AEW President Tony Khan addressed Jim Cornette being a vocal critic of the AEW product

“To be fair to him, these are his opinions. He says what he thinks and there is stuff on the show that he’s liked before and there’s stuff he hasn’t liked and I think he’s still like that. He’s not saying he loves everything on the show but he has acknowledged a lot of great stuff that happened.

What really tickled me and I thought was very cool was his line about CM Punk’s arrival about his debut appearance in AEW on The First Dance and I’ll never forget it. His exact quote was, ‘well it wasn’t what I would have done. It was a lot better. It was perfect.’ I thought that was awesome and it was very fair because I think it was our perfect moment and it was very cool of him to say. He has been very fair recently with the stuff he said and I think that’s great. I really admire him and have looked up to him since I was a small kid.” (quote courtesy of