The Young Bucks expected to make a “major impact” as heels when they return to AEW

As seen during the 2023 AEW Full Gear PPV event, The Young Bucks lost to Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. The Bucks have been acting like heels in recent weeks and that creative direction is expected to continue.

It was reported that Brandon Cutler is expected to continue working with the Bucks and Dave Meltzer of provided additional details on plans..

“Colt Cabana’s name has been mentioned but that doesn’t appear to be a certainty. The idea is for them to take some time off and come back as heels with major impact. It’s in the beginning stages and there’s no known time frame on when they will pull the trigger on it and they will return.”

The Bucks recently trademarked “KTB Wrestling” (Killing the Business Wrestling) for merchandise and “Superdick Party.” However, KTB is reportedly not part of the storyline idea and is for projects outside of AEW for the time being.