The final word regarding CM Punk and WWE heading into Survivor Series in Chicago

As previously noted, former AEW star CM Punk reportedly wanted to make a WWE return but the company “turned him down” and he’s not expected to be back for now. Despite the reports, fans are still speculating about Punk potentially returning to WWE.

With Survivor Series right around the corner, Dave Meltzer of noted the following about Punk and WWE…

“We’ve seen no evidence this is happening and those close to the situation have denied it, but it is possible it’s a well-kept secret. We do know that one of the key reasons they made sure [Randy] Orton’s name was out and didn’t do a surprise was the idea that it would lead to people expecting Punk in that spot and they wanted that shut down.”

Another thing that has fueled internet speculation is a 2023 remastered version of Punk’s theme song Cult of Personality by Living Colour being published today.