Results of Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho vs. The Young Bucks at AEW Full Gear 2023

Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho vs. The Young Bucks took place at AEW Full Gear 2023. Here are the highlights…

* Don Callis was on commentary for the match.

* Omega and Nick showed some respect in the early moments. Jericho tagged in and started getting aggressive which led to Omega trying to settle things down. The Bucks started turning up the offense on Jericho and targeted the Judas Effect arm. Jericho’s arm was cut open from being slammed into the steel steps. Omega tagged in and was doing well but the numbers game caught up with him and Jericho tagged back in.

* Things started to break down with everyone in the ring. Jericho applied the Walls of Jericho but struggled to keep the hold applied because of his arm. Nick gave Jericho a low blow while the referee was distracted and Omega was not happy about it. Matt then gave Omega a low blow.

* Nick hit Jericho with a Judas Effect but Omega broke up the pin. The Bucks got rid of Omega and hit the BTE Trigger to Jericho but he managed to kick out. With the referee distracted, Jericho gave Nick a low blow for payback. Jericho was then able to tag out to Omega.

* Omega teased like he was going to attack Jericho but then made his decision and attacked the Bucks. Matt managed to hit Omega with the One Winged Angel and Nick made the cover but Omega kicked out. Jericho managed to hit Nick with a left-handed Judas Effect and Omega pinned Matt with the One Winged Angel.

* Per the match stipulation, Jericho and Omega can now challenge for the tag team titles whenever they want. After the match ended, Omega went for a handshake but the Bucks declined and threw a fit on the outside of the ring.