Tay Conti deactivates her Twitter account after fans speculate about her and Sammy Guevara

As previously noted, Sammy Guevara announced on Saturday that his engagement has been broken off.

Shortly after making the announcement, people on Twitter began to speculate that Guevara is in a relationship with fellow AEW star Tay Conti due to their social media uploads in recent weeks. Conti’s name ended up trending on Twitter and she deactivated her account.

People have come to Conti’s defense including fan Amy Nemmity…

“Twitter can be absolutely lovely sometimes, but man, it can really be a toxic wreck.

Tay Conti got attacked in her mentions & relentlessly criticized today, all because a bunch of tabloid hungry drama seekers went into a frenzy over nothing.

Grow up and be better.”

AEW star Feugo Del Sol wrote the following on Twitter shortly after Guevara made his announcement…

“Wrestlers may choose to share and give you glimpses into their personal lives at times but you never really know what someone is going through. Please never assume and respect peoples privacy. We may allow you to read a page or two but that doesn’t mean you know our whole story.”