Speculation about why WWE decided to not return to a TV-14 rating

It was reported in July of 2022 that there were plans for WWE RAW to return to a TV-14 format but WWE apparently decided to not make any changes for the time being.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com discussed WWE’s decision…

“That’s not gonna happen now yet. That was one of the new things. Andrew [Zarian] knows the whole story but there were memos and everything. I mean it was planned. And I think it’s the new regime and that could be Stephanie [McMahon] instead of Vince. You know Vince maybe was considering it. Stephanie’s thing is you know we don’t need it. And they don’t. Before when things were down, things were declining, you kind of go what can we do to reverse the decline. When things are going up and haven’t done it, you don’t have to go like, ‘Hey, you know, we got to come up with some ideas to make things go up. And they’re doing swearing so maybe we got to do that one now. AEW is not going up and we are going up.’ So why do we need to fight them on their own. To do what they did, that stopped working. The trajectory of everything, it’s kind of like… Yeah, that’s probably a decision we shouldn’t make right now. So they didn’t. I actually congratulate them for reversing course based on analyzing what’s happened in the last four months.” (quote courtesy of RingsideNews.com)