Latest regarding the report about WWE’s television rating possibly changing to TV-14

It was reported in July of 2022 that there were plans for WWE RAW to return to a TV-14 format although an exact start date had not been confirmed.

In an update, it appears that WWE has decided to not make any changes for the time being. Both RAW and Smackdown are expected to remain TV-PG for now with Mike Johnson of noting the following…

“While there was smoke to the fire at the time, that is no longer the case. has learned from multiple sources that there are no current plans to change the company’s TV ratings for their weekly series.”

Bryan Alvarez of recently commented on censored fan chants being a possible reason why WWE wanted to return to the TV-14 format. Alvarez said that “one of the reasons that they wanted to go TV-14 was because they’re sick of having to edit out these chants.” (quote courtesy of