Update on the report that WWE RAW will be going back to a TV-14 format

As previously noted, it was reported by F4WOnline.com’s Andrew Zarian on Thursday that WWE RAW will be returning to a TV-14 format starting this coming Monday.

However, Zarian provided an update via Twitter and wrote that there is “a lot more to this story” and “there’s some hesitation regarding if this is the right move.” Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com responded to Zarian and wrote “I can confirm there were mixed signals given internally about this.” Zarian later wrote, “This is a wild situation. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes. WWE Raw won’t be going to TV-14 on July 18th but still in consideration for a later date.”

Zarian also wrote the following…

“There was a memo within USA Network that went out this morning regarding WWE Raw changing to TV-14 on July 18th. Apparently that was sent out prematurely and the day was not finalized.”