Speculation about current front-runners to win the 2023 WWE Money in the Bank ladder matches

As seen during the June 19th 2023 edition of WWE RAW, Logan Paul was officially added to the 2023 men’s ladder match at the Money in the Bank PLE.

PWInsiderElite.com was told that it was always planned for Logan to be part of the men’s ladder match. PWInsider also noted that while they haven’t heard any 100% definitive plans for the bout, “there are certainly people pushing for it to be the LA Knight breakthrough moment.” In recent days, Twitter account Boozer aka Better Wrestling Experience #BWE tweeted about Knight and Priest being front-runners to win the ladder match.

In regards to the women’s ladder match, PWInsider has “consistently heard without fail that Iyo Sky has been and remains the frontrunner for the briefcase this year” although plans can always change.