Sheamus has a second surgery on his nose

As previously noted, Sheamus suffered a broken nose during May 31st 2021 edition of WWE RAW during a match against Humberto Carrillo.

After a match against Jeff Hardy on the September 20th 2021 edition of RAW, Sheamus wrote on social media that his nose was broken again…

“The mask came off.. jeff rebroke my nose.. then priest attacked me.. retribution is coming lads #WWERaw”

Sheamus competed at the Extreme Rules PPV and on RAW the next night but then published a photo of himself in a hospital bed on Wednesday morning. Sheamus wrote the following…

“..once more unto the breach dear friends.. 2x wwe👃job champion.”

Sheamus later posted a photo on his Instagram story of himself giving a thumbs up with his nose bandaged up.