Going Broadway: Why Fickle Fans Should Stop Complaining About the Brodie Lee Dedication Show

Seriously? We’re doing this?

Upon news that tonight’s AEW Dynamite will be dedicated to Brodie Lee, the basement dwellers and keyboard warriors came out on social media in full force this morning:

“Another ratings grabber by AEW. It’s been a year. Let the man rest…”

“Just stop using Brodie Lee death for raitings he passed close to damn year…” (spelling error included from this genius fan)

“Stop using this as a way to get the dark order over it’s legit never gonna happen…”


What is wrong with all of you?

I didn’t hear anyone complain when NXT introduced the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. You didn’t see any pathetic gasbags throw a fit about the Andre the Giant Battle Royal or the Mae Young Classic.

In general, wrestling memorial shows/tournaments are nothing new. Here’s a quick link to all of the wrestling memorial shows throughout history.


It’s not uncommon, and quite frankly, gives the industry some importance and prestige. Dozens of promotions have held these tournaments and tribute shows for years —  not for ratings, but because it’s the right damn thing to do. 

But Tony Khan wants to pay tribute to one of AEW’s early cornerstones, IN HIS HOMETOWN, in which he was ORIGINALLY slated to debut pre-pandemic — and people are throwing shade?

In the dumpster fire that is your life, you choose to spend what valuable time you have on this earth attempting to bring down others. That is some grade-A bridge trolling. 

Whether it’s movies, sports, politics, our military, or even pro wrestling — as a society, we honor our famous and fallen. Be it Marilyn Monroe, Kobe Bryant,  Pat Tillman, or Eddie Guerrero — we celebrate their accomplishments before they shuffled off their mortal coil; often too early.


Celebrate Life

Tonight is a celebration of life, not a ratings ploy. It’s the same reason why upcoming The Owen Hart Cup Tournament is so special. Because these larger-than-life characters touched the lives of so many while they were here on this earth, and they deserve to be recognized.

Yes, a nerve has been touched. My family is from Rochester, New York. Brodie Lee was one of my early AEW favorites. But wow, ya’ll are the scum of the earth with immediate “go away” heat for this one. The pro wrestling industry simply doesn’t need you, and it saddens me as a fan that there are other fans who would actually crap on this show.


Going Home

Some of the comments on social media truly expose this toxic fanbase. I despise Vince McMahon as a human being, but when he kicks the bucket, I’ll still honor his contributions to the wrestling industry (for better or worse). The truth is, I don’t care whether or not Windham Rotunda shows up tonight. While it’s not likely due to his no-compete clause, it’s not truly needed for tonight’s show.

Tonight, we celebrate a man who was loved in the industry, across multiple promotions. It’s as simple as that. If you have so much hate in your heart that you can’t see past that simplicity, then I think you need help. Get some therapy; work out some clear-cut issues you have, and in the meantime, kindly fuck off.