Shawn Michaels comments on the death of Scott Hall

In an interview with, Shawn Michaels commented on the death of his longtime friend Scott Hall. Michaels talked about how him and other members of the Kliq recently spoke with Hall via Facetime when he was in the hospital…

“We wanted to let him know that we were there for him. We had the opportunity, one more time, to tell him how much we loved him. A long time ago, we decided that we were going to be there for each other. If we were wrong, then we’d be wrong together. You hear the term ‘I have your back,’ but when the rubber hits the road, that doesn’t always happen. We weren’t perfect, but we made that commitment to do it till the end. It was like a marriage, and it stuck. And that’s what makes this so hard.”

“He was easy to love. There was a pure soul there, and I think everybody knows that now. There was an unbelievably wonderful human being inside that big ol’ body.”

Michaels also commented on Hall as a performer and their ladder match from Wrestlemania 10

“Scott was laid back and quiet, but he’d listen and absorb. He was effortless in the ring. He had great psychology. He always tilted the story to his opponents. It’s just he wasn’t a big talker about it. Scott was never tooting his own horn about his ideas creatively and his ideas conceptually in a match.”

“Back then, we didn’t know to even think we’d possibly break the ladder or that we’d need a backup. There was only one. We were so used to calling it in the ring. Scott remembered calling that heat spot outside the ring when he lifted up the pad. Everyone couldn’t believe we called so much of it on the fly. But we’d worked with each other for long enough that we knew where the other was going and never had to say a word. We weren’t aware, at that time, of what we were creating. We wanted to create something special and tear the house down. But we never had the depth to think it would be historic or stand the test of time.”

Shawn Michaels Reflects on His ‘Incredible Bond’ With Scott Hall

When Scott Hall died Monday at 63, he left behind family, friends and an adoring fan base. And four brothers. That brotherhood included Hall, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and Paul “Triple H” Levesque. The five were inseparable during their careers, larger-than-life characters on-screen and the closest of friends away from the cameras.