Several AEW personalities shoot down report that Brandi Rhodes wasn’t liked

As previously noted, Jon Huber’s widow Amanda came to Brandi Rhodes’ defense after a report came out that people within AEW didn’t have nice things to say about Brandi following the news of her departure from the company.

Multiple personalities also came to Brandi’s defense via Twitter…

Vickie Guerrero: “This is disappointing, a story breaks and the media knows all the facts! I can vouch for @TheBrandiRhodes she is professional & my friend over 10 yrs…she carries herself with integrity on and off the camera.”

Nyla Rose: “This is just flat out some bullshit. Brandi was liked by many people backstage including myself. Is she a polarizing character, for sure… but don’t work yourself into a shoot. You want a hot scoop from the source, well here it is. Stop making shit up.”

Red Velvet: “I think you have a lot to say, about someone Im sure you never even got to know personally! @TheBrandiRhodes is very professional and private. Just because she’s not out there involved in everyones drama doesn’t make her unpopular backstage. She as Cody had a big hand in helping. Me and i think it’s very disrespectful and rude how you guys can make comments and have people believe things that are not true! Back off and just be happy for people in their new endeavors. Good day!”

Leva Bates: “I find this & a lot of ‘news’ incredibly disappointing. This is huge happening on all sides & the internet trolling adding more stress to the situation. I personally worked side by side with Brandi since the beginning. She’s a strong & work focus woman, but also kind & very funny.”