Amanda Huber addresses rumors regarding Cody and Brandi Rhodes

Jon Huber’s widow Amanda wrote the following on Twitter in regards to speculation that Cody Rhodes leaving AEW is a work…

“The past 24 on my social timeline have been incredibly frustrating.

‘iTs A wOrK’

I assure you. It’s not.

‘oNcE a WoRkEr, aLwAyS a wOrKeR’

Yes. I’ve been in pro wrestling at 20 years this spring. I have no reason to ‘work’ an angle from my community position.

My very proud of my community position and very thankful for Cody for creating this and thinking so highly of me. I would never do anything that would jeopardize the genuineness of what we do at @AEWCommunity”

Amanda also addressed a claim about Cody’s wife Brandi. During an audio update on, Wade Keller said the following…

“So I’ll just say this. It sounds mean but nobody has anything nice to say about Brandi Rhodes and her disposition or popularity behind the scenes and I’m not saying that with any personal satisfaction or preference for her to be liked or not liked. I’m just telling you when I talk to people, Brandi has not been seen as an asset on camera, in the ring, or behind the scenes. And so that ended up being baggage with Cody because people like Cody, pretty universally like Cody. Even people who say bad things about Cody like Cody if that makes sense.” (quote courtesy of

Here is what Amanda wrote in response…

“Also seeing articles that say ‘nobody has anything nice to say about Brandi’s departure’

That is such utter bullshit.

Brandi was a consummate professional. She is incredibly strong and professional and caring.

While I’m not in the locker room, I’m far from ‘nobody’

. @jameelajamil has an entire thread about how gaslighting celebrity women.

I’m sure there are a few open mouths saying something negative but they do not speak for me and many people I know.

I know I shouldn’t give this nonsense attention but it’s frustrating to see 2 people I care about being dragged.

Believe it or not, you can not share a vision with a company and leave with nothing but love and respect for it.”