Cody Rhodes said to have lost ‘all responsibilities involving booking’ in AEW

As previously noted, Cody Rhodes’ AEW departure was officially announced on Tuesday morning after months of speculation about his future.

While money was believed to have been a factor, Justin Barrasso of noted the following regarding Cody’s departure…

“One key factor that led to this exit was losing all responsibilities involving booking. That is a role where Khan, who is the head of creative, has taken full rein. Originally, Rhodes was part of that process. As great as Dusty Rhodes was as a performer, his contributions as a booker are an integral part of his legacy. For Rhodes, AEW represented another chance to pay homage to his father as a booker while also further cementing his own legacy. Losing that opportunity in AEW hurt Rhodes more than any loss he suffered in the ring.”

Barrasso added that “every indication” points to Cody’s next destination being WWE and he could begin filming segments at the Performance Center this weekend.

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