Sammy Guevara addresses Impact Wrestling situation

In February of 2021, there were plans for Sammy Guevara to appear on Impact Wrestling but Guevara reportedly had issues with the creative direction.

In an interview with, Guevara commented on the matter…

“It’s business at the end of the day. What was presented, I didn’t see it working for me. I still wish nothing but the best for IMPACT and everybody there. I didn’t put no information out online and I know there’s only a certain amount of people that knew certain information, so the information that was put out online is only coming from one side. I wish we could have kept it more close-knit instead of having to make it everybody’s business, because I feel like it wasn’t necessary for everybody to know any of this stuff. So that’s why I started trolling on the vlog, and certain things are coming out where I’m like, ‘Yo, this is not true at all’. So, don’t believe everything you read online. But hey man, it is what it is. We all could have handled things better, but that’s life in general man. You live, you learn, you grow and you go.”

“I have a lot of friends over there too, like Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, there’s plenty of dudes over there that I’d love to wrestle, I’ve wrestled before on independents, like we were all on similar shows together not very long ago. So either it’s gonna happen over there (IMPACT), it’s gonna happen here (AEW), or it’s gonna happen at a random show somewhere – we’re all gonna wrestle each other.” (quotes courtesy of