Results of Young Bucks vs. FTR in a ladder match at AEW Dynasty 2024

Young Bucks (Matthew and Nicolas Jackson) vs. FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) in a ladder match for the vacant tag team titles took place at AEW Dynasty 2024. Here are the highlights…

* The Bucks went for an EVP trigger early but missed and collided with each other. A ladder was quickly brought into the ring and FTR were sent into it. Cash was placed on a ladder outside the ring and Matt hit a canonball senton off the apron. Dax was busted open and the Bucks used chairs on him.

* The fight went to the outside and Cash delivered a moonsault off a ladder bridge onto the Bucks. However, the numbers game caught up with him and the Bucks took him down with a BTE trigger. Back in the ring, Dax attempted to climb a ladder but was stopped.

* FTR made a comeback with a double team bulldog to Matthew out of the corner. Dax applied a sharpshooter as Cash climbed the ladder but Nicolas made the save. Cash speared Matthew off the apron through a table but then Nicolas gave Dax a hurricanrana off the apron through another table.

* Both teams tried to climb the ladders at the same time. FTR took off Matthew’s shoe and gave him a shatter machine. Nicolas used a chair on FTR but climbed a ladder but he was caught. FTR hit Nicolas with the Power and Glory superplex/splash spot off the ladders.

* Nicolas put Cash through a table with a 450 splash but then Dax gave Matthew a piledriver onto a ladder bridge.

* Cash got back in the ring and went for a dive to Nicolas but missed and crashed through another table. Back in the ring, FTR and Nicolas climbed the ladder as there was a “please be careful” chant. Nicolas was knocked off the ladder but a masked man pushed him off. The masked man was revealed as Jack Perry. Nicolas then climbed the ladder and grabbed the belts to win the match.