Results of Will Ospreay vs. Bryan Danielson at AEW Dynasty 2024

Will Ospreay vs. Bryan Danielson took place at AEW Dynasty 2024. Here are the highlights…

* There was a “holy shit” chant as the two had a staredown. The crowd popped big when the bell rang to start the match and there was a “both these guys” chant. The two had a test of strength as the crowd did dueling chants.

* The two dodged each others moves and the crowd gave them a standing ovation. There was a “f*ck Don Callis” chant as the action continued in the ring. After exchanging holds on the mat, the two changed chops and Ospreay got the advantage. Ospreay sent Bryan to the outside and hit a corkscrew dive off the top.

* Back in the ring, Ospreay went for the hidden blade but Bryan countered it and targeted the elbow. Bryan went for a top rope hurricanrana but Ospreay landed on his feet.

* Both were in the corner again and Bryan gave Ospreay an avalanche tiger suplex. Bryan went for a cover but Ospreay got his foot on the rope.

* Both were on the apron and Ospreay gave Bryan an Os-cutter. Ospreay jumped off the apron and gave Bryan a hidden blade. The crowd chanted “we’re not worthy” as Bryan barely managed to beat the referee’s ten count.

* Back in the ring, Ospreay went for another Os-cutter but Bryan countered into the LeBell lock submission. Ospreay was eventually able to get his foot on the rope. Bryan delivered the “yes” kicks and went for the running knee but Ospreay countered it. The two traded nearfalls and Bryan finally hit the running knee after dodging the hidden blade but Ospreay kicked out. The crowd gave them another standing ovation.

* Bryan started kicking Ospreay’s head in as there were dueling “yes/no” chants. Bryan applied another submission but Ospreay was finally able to escape. The two traded headbutts and Bryan started slapping Ospreay. Ospreay came back with the hidden blade and went for an Os-cutter but Bryan countered him midair with the running knee.

* Bryan and Ospreay were in opposite corners and charged at the same time but Ospreay hit the hidden blade first. Ospreay hit a tiger driver followed by another hidden blade and pinned Bryan to score the victory. Bryan was in bad shape with officials checking on him as Ospreay celebrated his victory. Ospreay came over to check on Bryan as well.