Results of “Timeless” Toni Storm vs. Thunder Rosa at AEW Dynasty 2024

“Timeless” Toni Storm (c) vs. Thunder Rosa for the women’s title took place at AEW Dynasty 2024. Here are the highlights…

* A hockey fight broke out between them in the early moments. Rosa sent Storm to the outside and hit a tornado dive onto both Storm and Luther. Mariah May tried to distract Rosa but Rosa kept her focus and got Storm back into the ring.

* Rosa came off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Rosa gave Storm a death valley driver on the apron and Luther was concerned at ringside. However, Rosa’s back gave out on her and Storm gained the advantage.

* Storm targeted the back with several shots. Rosa fought back but Mariah got on the apron. Deonna Purrazzo came down and brawled to the back with Mariah. Back in the ring, Storm delivered the hip attack and then hit Storm Zero but Rosa kicked out. Storm applied a Texas cloverleaf submission but Rosa managed to get to the rope.

* Rosa applied her own submission but Storm got under the rope. While the referee was fixing the apron skirt, Storm hit a low kick and pinned Rosa with another Storm Zero.