Results of Hook vs. Chris Jericho at AEW Dynasty 2024

Hook (c) vs. Chris Jericho for the FTW title took place at AEW Dynasty 2024. Here are the highlights…

* The match was FTW rules which meant there were no rules and falls counted outside of the ring.

* There was a first bump between Jericho and Hook before they locked up. There was a “Fozzy sucks” chant from the fans. Hook suplexed Jericho multiple times and then sent him out of the ring. Jericho gained the upper hand and pulled out a table. Hook managed to German suplex Jericho on the floor and went for a cover but Jericho kicked out.

* The two fought on the apron and Hook gave Jericho a t-bone suplex through the table below. The crowd chanted “holy shit” and Hook went for another cover but Jericho kicked out again. There was a “go home Jericho” chant.

* Back in the ring, Jericho regained the upper hand but then Hook placed a trash can over Jericho’s head and gave him a suplex. Hook set up another table in the ring. Hook tried to apply Redrum but Jericho dropped Hook through the table.

* Hook tried to apply Redrum again but Jericho gave Hook a low blow. Jericho nailed Hook with a Judas Effect but Hook kicked out. Jericho hit another Judas Effect but Hook kicked out again. Jericho grabbed his baseball bat and told Hook to stay down. Hook flipped off Jericho so Jericho hit Hook in the face with the bat and pinned him to win the title. Jericho said he was sorry as Taz checked on his son Hook’s condition.