Results of WALTER vs. Dragunov at WWE NXT Takeover 36

WALTER (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov
Singles match for the NXT United Kingdom Championship

* Dragunov hit a few early chops on WALTER which just fired WALTER up. The two wrestled on the mat for a while and Dragunov was able to wear down WALTER for a while. WALTER was eventually able to use his power and chopped Dragunov to the outside of the ring. WALTER then powerbombed Dragunov on the apron.

* WALTER dominated the match for several minutes until Dragunov was able to back body drop WALTER. The two exchanged chops and blows as Dragunov’s chest started to turn red.

* Dragunov was able to build momentum and got a few near falls on WALTER. Dragunov hit a dropkick from the top rope and then a top rope senton. Dragunov charged but got caught and WALTER hit a modified German suplex. Dragunov recovered but still couldn’t put WALTER away as the fans did an “NXT” chant.

* Dragunov hit a superplex and then another top rope dropkick but couldn’t make the cover. WALTER caught Dragunov with a dropkick and then hit a powerbomb but Dragunov kicked out.

* WALTER hit another powerbomb and then a top rope splash but Dragunov still managed to kicked out. Dragunov made another comeback and hit WALTER with repeated elbow strikes. Dragunov got a sleeper hold on and WALTER kept trying to power out. However, Dragunov managed to keep the hold on and eventually got WALTER to tap out.

* Dragunov had an emotional victory celebration as he held up the title and put his foot over WALTER’s body.