Results of Raquel González vs. Dakota Kai at WWE NXT Takeover 36

Raquel González (c) vs. Dakota Kai
Singles match for the NXT Women’s Championship

* Dakota slapped Raquel when the match started. Dakota used speed to her advantage and went to the outside when Raquel started to get momentum.

* Raquel threw Dakota around but then started selling her him. Dakota regained control and hit Raquel with a yakuza kick that sent Raquel to the outside. Dakota brought Raquel back into the ring but Raquel kicked out.

* The two traded nearfalls including Raquel hitting a sitdown powerbomb and Dakota hitting double stomp from the top rope.

* Raquel was sitting in the corner and Dakota attempted another yakuza kick. However, Raquel caught Dakota and hit a super one-armed powerbomb to retain her title.

* Kay Lee Ray from NXT UK made an appearance after the match.