Results of LA Knight vs. Cameron Grimes at WWE NXT Takeover 36

LA Knight (c) vs. Cameron Grimes (with Ted DiBiase)
Singles match for the Million Dollar Championship
If Grimes loses, DiBiase must become Knight’s butler

* Before the match, DiBiase brought out a trash can and Grimes threw his butler clothes into it.

* Grimes had the early advantage and DiBiase helped launch Grimes into Knight on the outside.

* Back in the ring, the match went back and forth. Knight went for a springboard moonsault but missed. Grimes went for the Million Dollar Dream but couldn’t get it on.

* Grimes later got the Million Dollar Dream on. Knight tried to counter into a pinfall but was unsuccessful. Knight finally managed to escape.

* Knight brought in the Million Dollar Title but the referee stopped him. Knight was sent to the outside of the ring. DiBiase punched Knight and then put on the Million Dollar Dream while the referee was distracted.

* Knight was brought back into the ring and Grimes won the match with the cave-in. DiBiase presented Grimes with the title after the match.