Results of the men’s Iron Survivor challenge at WWE NXT Deadline 2022

The men’s Iron Survivor challenge (Axiom vs. Carmelo Hayes vs. Grayson Waller vs. JD McDonagh vs. Joe Gacy) took place during the WWE NXT Deadline 2022 PLE. Here were the highlights…

* The time and a scoreboard was shown on the bottom of the screen.

* McDonagh and Axiom started the match. Axiom took it to McDonagh on the outside and threw him into the penalty box. Back in the ring, neither man could score a pinfall and Carmelo entered the match. Carmelo pinned Axiom and Axiom was sent into the penalty box.

* Waller ran into the ring and took down McDonagh and Axiom at the same time. Waller pinned Axiom and then McDonagh to score two points and send both men to the penalty box. Axiom and McDonagh ended up fighting in the box. Axiom ended up slamming the door on McDonagh’s face.

* Back in the ring, Axiom scored a fall over Waller and then another over McDonagh. Gacy came in as the final entrant. Gacy tapped out Axiom to score a fall. Gacy then scored a fall over Hayes to score his second point. Axiom was trapped in the box past his time so he climbed out and then hit a moonsault off the box.

* Back in the ring, Hayes pinned Waller to score his second point. Everyone stopped McDonagh from getting his first point and the crowd started an “NXT” chant.

* Gacy tried to tap out multiple people as time was running out. Several big moves were hit but it was Waller that stole Carmelo’s pin. Everyone chased Waller but he was able to avoid them and the time expired with Waller being declared the victor.