Results of Bron Breakker vs. Apollo Crews at WWE NXT Deadline 2022

Bron Breakker vs. Apollo Crews for the NXT world title took place during the WWE NXT Deadline 2022 PLE. Here were the highlights…

* For Breakker’s entrance, a slideshow was shown of his various matches over the past year.

* The two had a feeling out process and the two engaged in a test of strength. Both did a kip up at the same exact time. They tried to hip toss each other and both ended up in the ropes. Breakker came off the top rope but Crews caught him with a knee to the face. At this point, Crews turned up the intensity in the match. Crews powerbombed Breakker three times but Breakker kicked out. Crews hit a frogsplash but Breakker kicked out again.

* Breakker started to make a comeback and hit his top rope bulldog but Crews kicked out. Breakker pulled down his straps but Crews hit Breakker with his own powerslam. Breakker recovered and the two traded blows. Breakker then hit the spear and scored the pinfall victory to retain his title.

* After the credits appeared on the screen, Waller laid out Breakker with a stunner and held up the NXT title.