Results of Sting & Darby Allin vs. The Young Bucks at AEW Revolution 2024

Sting & Darby Allin (c) vs. The Young Bucks for the tag team titles took place at AEW Revolution 2024. Here are the highlights…

* Before the match, Ric Flair was introduced as well as special guest timekeeper Ricky Steamboat. Magnum TA was among the wrestling legends at ringside for the match. “The Final Showtime” video package aired as part of Sting’s entrance and there was a “thank you Sting” chant. Along with his sons as the “surfer” Sting and “Wolfpac” Sting, the real Sting came to the ring to Metallica’s Seek and Destroy.

* Sting, Darby, and Sting’s sons took it to the Bucks in the early moments. Darby delivered a coffin drop to the Bucks on the outside. Sting’s team brought out panels of glass from under the ring and then chased the Bucks into the crowd.

* The fight went to the stage and Nicolas gave Darby a falcon arrow through tables below. On the other side, Matthew gave Sting a suplex through tables below. The crowd started a “f*ck the Young Bucks” chant.

* Back in the ring, Darby fought the Bucks by himself. Darby climbed a ladder and went for a swanton to the outside but Matthew pulled Nicholas to safety and Darby crashed through the glass panel. Darby was bleeding all over his body and Sting got back into the match.

* Sting climbed a ladder but was caught and put through a table but he immediately popped back up. However, Sting was then through into another glass panel. Matthew hit a scorpion death drop to Sting but he kicked out.

* Nicholas tried to grab the tag title but was stopped by Steamboat. Steamboat got taken out and then Flair entered the ring and shielded Flair. The Bucks responded by giving both Flair and Steamboat dueling superkicks. Matthew hit Sting with the title belt but Sting kicked out. The Bucks hit Sting with dueling superkicks but he no-sold them. Sting hit Matthew with a scorpion death drop but Nicolas broke up the pin. The Bucks hit an EVP trigger but Sting kicked out.

* The Bucks hit another EVP trigger but Sting kicked out and started laughing. The Bucks went for the TK Driver but Darby knocked Nick off the top rope through a table. Sting hit a scorpion death drop but Matthew kicked out. Darby hit Matthew with a coffin drop and Sting tapped out Matthew with the scorpion death lock. Confetti went off as Sting and Darby celebrated their victory to close out Sting’s career.

* After the match, Sting cut a promo and thanked the city of Greensboro, NC. Sting said it was a night he will never forget.