Video: What you didn’t see with Sting after AEW Revolution 2024 went off the air

As seen during the 2024 AEW Revolution PPV event, Sting and Darby Allin defeated The Young Bucks in Sting’s retirement match. After the show, Sting cut a promo for the fans in attendance but the show went off the air as he was still talking.

Here is what Sting said after the show ended…

“I was hoping that this night would be surreal in many ways. The video package that you saw before we got to the ring, then to see, this is the exact boots and tights and jacket [points to his son] way back when. Then in later years, we got some cool Wolfpack Sting going on over here. We’re off the air now, so I can do that. You know what, Greensboro? You still got it. I don’t have any words other than to say thank you, I love you all so much. I’d like to call another very important person out. This wouldn’t be possible without Tony Khan. Tony, this is my last night, so I can say, ‘Tony, hustle, come on.'”

Khan came to the ring and then Darby said the following…

“I really don’t know what else there is to say, I really don’t. The fact that Tony Khan felt Sting deserved this, and you guys gave it to him. He said he was going to leave absolutely nothing left in his ring by the end of the night, and I hope you feel like you got your money’s worth. I’m gonna go to the hospital real quick.” (quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)

Tony Schiavone then got on the mic and delivered the “it’s Sting” line one last time. The locker room then emptied out on the stage and gave Sting a standing ovation.