Results of Raquel Gonzalez vs. Ember Moon at WWE NXT In Your House 2021

Raquel Gonzalez (c) (with Dakota Kai) vs. Ember Moon (with Shotzi Blackheart) for the NXT women’s title

* Kai distracted Moon in the early moments which helped Gonzalez get the advantage. Gonzalez dominated the early part of the match but Moon was able to make a comeback.

* Moon hit a code red for a nearfall and then went for a submission on Gonzalez. Kai helped push the rope towards Gonzalez so she could reach it. Kai then got on the apron and distracted Moon again which led to Gonzalez hitting a superplex.

* Moon was able to hit a modified eclipse. Moon was able to hit the eclipse but Kai put Gonzalez’s foot on the rope. Shotzi Blackheart ran down and attacked Kai.

* Moon hit a DDT to Gonzalez on the stage and then went for a pin in the ring. However, Gonzalez was able to kick out. Gonazlez countered another eclipse attempt and hit her powerbomb to pick up the victory.