Results of fatal five-way match at WWE NXT In Your House 2021

Karrion Kross (c) (with Scarlett) vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano (with Austin Theory) vs. Pete Dunne (with Oney Lorcan)

* Gargano had Shawn Michaels-inspired gear and Dunne had all-white gear.

* Everyone got sent to the outside early except for Kross and they took individual attempts at trying to take down Kross. Gargano, Dunne, and O’Reilly triple teamed Cole for a brief period as Kross continued to dominate.

* O-Reilly was finally able to get Kross down and the others got back into the match while Kross was down. Gargano and Dunne worked together to send Kross through the stage door.

* Kross eventually returned to the ring and started dominating once again. Kross was taken out again and the match went back and forth with the other four. Kross got back in the match but then Cole and O’Reilly worked together to powerbomb Kross onto the announce table.

* The match continued with the other four. Cole hit the Panama sunrise on Gargano but Dunne pulled out Cole. Kross got into the ring and squared off with Dunne. Dunne hit the bitter end but Kross kicked out. Dunne hit a series of strikes to Kross’ head but the others attacked Dunne.

* Kross recovered and hit a double suplex to both Cole and Dunne at the same time. Kross got the Kross jacket submission on Gargano but Cole broke it up. Cole hit superkicks but O’Reilly got a submission on Cole. Kross got the Kross jacket on O’Reilly and O’Reilly passed out.

* At the end of the show, William Regal was interviewed and talked about the “madness” in NXT. Regal teased that after seven years as commissioner, it might be time for a change.