Results of MJF vs. Wardlow at AEW Double or Nothing 2022

MJF vs. Wardlow took place at AEW Double or Nothing 2022. Here are the highlights…

* MJF took his time coming out to the ring after his music started playing. Wardlow once again made his entrance handcuffed with security and no music.

* Once Wardlow’s handcuffs were taken off, MJF went to the outside of the ring and stalled for time. MJF tried to take a cheap shot when the referee was looking but Wardlow caught him. MJF quickly escaped back to the outside. The crowd chanted “he showed up” at MJF.

* Wardlow tried to hit a powerbomb but MJF bit him. MJF also poked Wardlow in the eyes. Wardlow regained control and MJF started selling his knee. MJF pull out his Dynamite Diamond ring but the referee saw it.

* MJF started begging Wardlow for mercy and said he would double Wardlow’s pay. They shook hands but Wardlow wouldn’t let go. Wardlow then hit MJF with a powerbomb. Wardlow gave MJF a powerbomb in front of each side of the arena. Wardlow went for the cover with foot but stopped the count. Wardlow hit several more powerbombs and finally pinned MJF.

* After the match, MJF was stretchered out of the arena and the crowd chanted “you deserve it” at him. It was announced that Wardlow is now “All Elite” and free from MJF. Wardlow thanked the fans and bowed to them.