Results of The Hardys vs. The Young Bucks at AEW Double or Nothing 2022

The Hardys (Matt & Jeff Hardy) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) took place at AEW Double or Nothing 2022. Here are the highlights…

* A spoof of Elvis Presley’s Viva Las Vegas song was used for The Young Bucks’ introduction.

* There were dueling chants as Matt Hardy and Matt Jackson had a “delete/elite” verbal exchange. Jeff and Nick tagged in and taunted each other. The Hardys cleared the ring and mocked the Young Bucks’ pose. The crowd chanted for Brandon Culter and Nick wasn’t happy.

* The Bucks worked over Jeff and Culter knocked Matt off the apron to prevent a tag. Jeff hit the Whisper in the Wind on Nick and got the hot tag to Matt. Culter got on the apron and Matt smashed his head into the turnbuckle.

* The Bucks regained control while Jeff was having an issue with his boot. Nick accidentally kicked Culter in the face and Jeff got back into the match.

* Jeff want for the swanton bomb but missed. Nick hit a twist of fate on Jeff and then Matt Jackson hit a swanton but Jeff kicked out.

* The Bucks hit numerous superkicks to both Hardys. The Hardys were defiant and spit/flipped off the Bucks. The Bucks hit more superkicks but couldn’t get the win.

* The Bucks tried to use the steel steps but the Hardys turned the tide. Matt Jackson was laid out on the steps outside of the ring and Jeff hit a swanton. Matt Hardy hit a twist of fate but Nick kicked out. Matt Hardy hit another twist of fate to Nick and Jeff then pinned Nick with the swanton.