Results of Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li at WWE NXT In Your House 2021

Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li (with Boa and Mei Ying)

* Li went after the ribcage of Martinez right off the bat and dominated the early part of the match. Li’s knee was hurting which gave Martinez an opportunity to get back into the match.

* Martinez went to the outside and had words with Boa. Li took advantage and regained the upper hand. Li got Martinez back in the ring and picked up the victory with a spinning kick to the jaw.

* After the match, Li attempted to use a chair on Martinez. Martinez got the chair and hit both Boa and Li with it. Mei Ying than appeared sitting on a chair at the stage. Mei Ying went up to Martinez and put a death grip on her. Mei Ying then sent Martinez off the stage into the barricade.