Results of Bronson Reed/MSK vs. Legado del Fantasma at WWE NXT In Your House 2021

Bronson Reed (North American) and MSK (Nash Carter and Wes Lee) (Tag Team) vs. Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Raúl Mendoza) for the NXT North American and tag team titles

* Escobar acted like he wanted to face Reed at the start but quickly tagged out. The champions dominated the early part of the match with innovative offense. Everyone took turns hitting dives to the outside with Reed being the final one and the fans chanted “NXT!”

* The heels briefly got the upper hand but then Reed tagged in and cleaned house. Reed hit a double Samoan drop but Escobar was able to tag back in and hit a Michinoku driver for a nearfall. The two ended up on the outside and Reed sent Escobar through the ringside barricade. Back int he ring, Reed hit the Tsunami to pin Mendoza.