Results of men’s elimination match at Survivor Series 2021

5-on-5 men’s Survivor Series elimination match

Team RAW (Seth Rollins, Finn Bálor, Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory) vs. Team Smackdown (Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, King Woods, Happy Corbin, and Sheamus)

* Rollins and Owens argued before the bell rang to start the match. Rollins finally went to the apron but then Owens just left the ring and got himself counted out.

* Team Smackdown took turns chopping and beating down Theory. The match went on for several minute and then broke down. Balor hit the coup de grace and pinned Corbin.

* Lashley went after McIntyre on the outside of the ring and sent him into the ring post. Lashley knocked Woods off the apron, tagged himself in, and hit Woods with the spear. Lashley put on the Hurt Locker and Woods was eliminated.

* McIntyre tagged into the match and had a faceoff with Lashley. There was nobody for Lashley to tag and McIntyre went after him. The two went to the outside and fought into the crowd. Both ended up being counted out. The fight continued and McIntyre hit a claymore to Lashley. Rollins taunted McIntyre and got hit with a Glasgow kiss.

* Sheamus pinned Balor with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus and Hardy were working together to try and finish off Rollins and Theory. However, Theory was able to pin Sheamus with a rollup. Sheamus laid out Theory and then attacked Hardy. Rollins hit a frogsplash to Hardy but Hardy kicked out.

* Hardy came back and pinned Theory with a swanton. Rollins and Hardy went back and forth as the crowd did a “this is awesome” chant. Hardy hit a twist of fate and went for the swanton but Rollins got his knees up. Rollins hit the stomp and scored the victory.