Results of LA Knight vs. AJ Styles at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Sunday

LA Knight vs. AJ Styles took place at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Sunday. Here are the highlights…

* Knight arrived in a Slim Jim car and then gave the key to a fan at ringside. Styles came out to new entrance music.

* Knight and Styles immediately started brawling. Styles got control by targeting the knee of Knight. Knight gained some momentum with a tornado DDT but Styles was able to regain the upper hand.

* Styles went to the top rope but was caught by Knight. Knight bit Styles but then Styles gouged the eyes. Knight recovered and gave Styles an avalanche German suplex.

* The two fought outside the ring and Knight exposed the concrete floor. Styles ended up giving Knight a back body drop on the floor. Styles got back in the ring and Knight barely beat the referee’s ten count. Styles went for a springboard 450 but Knight got his knees up.

* The two countered each other’s signature moves. Knight was finally able to hit the BFT to score the victory.