Results of Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits vs. Final Testament at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Sunday

Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits vs. Final Testament (Karrion Kross and AOP) in a Six-Man Tag Team Philadelphia Street Fight took place at WWE Wrestlemania 40 Sunday. Here are the highlights…

* Snoop Dogg was on guest commentary. Bubba Ray Dudley aka Bully Ray was the special guest referee.

* Final Testament got the early advantage and triple teamed Bobby Lashley with kendo sticks. AOP gave the Profits a Super Collider and went for the cover but B-Fab made the save. Scarlett then attacked B-Fab.

* Lashley gained the upper hand and went for the hurt lock but Scarlett hit Lashley with a kendo stick. B-Fab came back in with a pump kick to Scarlett and then put her through a table that was outside of the ring.

* Kross had an issue with Bubba and shoved him. That led to Bubba putting his glasses on and Lashley spearing Kross. Ford and Dawkins recreated the Dudley Boyz’ Wazzup spot and then they got the tables. For the finish, the table prematurely broke as Kross was placed on it so they had to get another one. Ford then put Kross through the table with the frogsplash and scored the pinfall victory.

* Snoop Dogg celebrated with The Pride in the ring after the match.